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If you’ve always wanted to try Chuckanut Bay Foods products, our new Petite Cheesecakes are the way to go. They give you the freedom to try sample sizes of our flavors without having to commit to just one large cheesecake. Filled with the same natural ingredients and delicious flavors, these new size desserts are the perfect choice.

Petite Group Shot Cheesecakes

These new cheesecakes are perfect for anyone that is on-the-go. At an affordable retail price of 99 cents per cake, each dessert is individually handcrafted and not just cut from a larger cake like you find in some commercial products. All are 100% kosher and there is over 50% cream cheese per individual cake. Are you gluten-free or on a restricted diet? We offer these petite cheesecakes in over 30 flavors as well as our gluten-free and No Sugar Added varieties. Check your local vendor for this quick-and-easy dessert today!

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