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We try to source as many of our ingredients from as close to home as possible. Much of our milk and cream, including the eggnog for our eggnog cheesecake, comes from Twinbrook Creamery, located just 30 minutes away in pastoral Lynden, Washington.  Recently, we took a trip out on a grey and rainy day to visit the creamery and meet the dairy cows that produce the ingredients for our cheesecakes!


Despite the rather un-cooperative weather, it’s hard to take a bad picture in such a pastoral setting.  Due to the blisteringly cold wind, we thought for sure we wouldn’t get to see any of the cows, as they all looked pretty cozy inside their barn.  Honestly, I wouldn’t have waded through the mudpuddles and wind to come see some strangers with cameras!  But as soon as the camera shutter clicked, we instantly gained some friends.


Hey girls!


Come on over!


Room enough for everyone, ladies!

Though we were hoping for some sunny pictures of cows grazing happily in pasture, I think you’ll agree that these lovely ladies are still adorable in the rain.


“We’d love to come out and say hello, but it’s so nice and warm in here!”


Twinbrook Creamery is still family owned, just as it was in 1910 when it was first founded.  We’re proud to work with this fifth-generation local farm!

This old delivery truck has been put out to pasture.

This old delivery truck has been put out to pasture.

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