Sweet Tooth? No Problem!

Maybe you’re prepping for swimsuit season, maybe you’re still sticking to your New Year’s resolution (if so, big congrats!), but many folks these days are working to cut back on sugar and watching their calories.

And that’s the tough spot, right? You want to maintain your health goals, while still enjoying the little things in life… like cheesecake! 

Not to worry: if you’re looking for smaller portion sizes that will appease your sweet tooth without compromising your waistline, we have just the thing for you. Cheesecake Bites give you that perfect bite of sweet – without the huge portions or tempting leftovers.

In fact, we think they’re the perfect, light treat for spring!


Real.Good.Cheesecake (Bites.)

The first version of our Cheesecake Bites was inspired by our popular 3” Mini Cheesecakes. Those small, personal-sized cheesecakes were such a hit, we decided to experiment even more when it comes to personal-sized cheesecakes! We excitedly debuted our Cheesecake Bites – but you may be surprised to know that in the beginning, they came without the delicious chocolate covering. (We know, it’s shocking to even consider!) The chocolate-covered magic was sparked when a customer exclaimed, “Why don’t you cover them in chocolate?! That would be so good!” 

We were floored – and the customer was 100% correct! Now, the 8-pack of Chocolate-Covered Cheesecake Bites has become a huge coast-to-coast hit, for a wide range of folks who love a sweet bite. 

For instance, check out this sweet story from a satisfied customer: 

“…I had been purchasing them primarily for my husband who has Parkinson’s. He’s in a period where nothing tastes good to him. But if he eats one of your cheesecake bites before his meal, (even though he says he doesn’t like cheesecake), the “bite” puts such a good flavor in his mouth that he wants to eat lots of other good things afterwards. I want to keep him eating, so lately, he’s been getting a “bite” before he eats all the time… Thank you for your help in my quest to keep my husband eating. (I and my neighbors also enjoy them!)”

We are so happy to provide high-quality, wholesome treats that are suitable for all lifestyles and patterns of eating. Everyone benefits from a delicious sweet treat – especially in a small and guilt-free portion!


Never Artificial, Always Delicious

Keeping with our commitment to excellence, our Cheesecake Bites are all-natural and handmade with only REAL ingredients, such as local fruit and real cane sugar, cream cheese, and butter. And our guarantee continues: you’ll never, ever find high-fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, or artificial flavors or colors in our cheesecakes.

This means you’re in the clear – and you can enjoy with ease, knowing that our ingredients are 100% pure and whole foods. Sweet and satisfying – it’s a win! And you can rest easy,
knowing the wholesome ingredients and small portion
sizes won’t derail your fitness goals. 


Cheesecake: The Best Kind of Spring Fling

Our Cheesecake Bites are such a hit, we’ve expanded their menu to 12 fantastic flavors

 – including some light-and-lively flavors that are perfect for spring.

A few of our top recommendations for springtime are Lemon, Key Lime, and Coconut – each covered in a delicious chocolate coating and the perfect serving size for a quick bite (without the temptation to go overboard!). 

If you’re looking for a different type of flavor, we also offer our Cheesecake Bites in classic flavors like New York, Chocolate and Espresso. And we’ll give you a sneak peek:
we’re debuting a fantastic new flavor this fall – Maple Pecan!

Kroger, Publix, and Albertsons/Safeway stores carry a selection of our Cheesecake Bites. I would also encourage our audience to contact their local grocers to see if they carry our bites.

Find Your Store!

If your mouth is watering, you can easily purchase Chuckanut Bay Cheesecake Bites at your local Kroger, Publix, or Albertsons/Safeway store – and we provide our products to multiple local stores, too! Contact your market of choice to see if they carry Chuckanut Bay Cheesecakes and let us know which flavor’s your favorite!