The Miraculous Huckleberry

When you think of huckleberries, what comes to mind?


If you’re anything like us, maybe you picture rolling mountains, warm summer nights, and Grandma’s favorite pie. But beyond that, we tend to draw a blank.


As it turns out, each of those scenes is totally correct, but there’s so much more to huckleberries and we got the scoop from the pros! We reached out to Tom LaMonte, owner of Northwest Wild Foods — our source for getting the amazing huckleberries used in our huckleberry cheesecake — and he filled us in on this incredible fruit. 


Let’s dive in!

Huckleberry vs. Blueberry


The huckleberry is commonly compared to the blueberry — and on the surface, this makes total sense. They come from the same family, but while blueberries are obviously blue, huckleberries are much more vibrant and are often hued red, purple, and even black. And on the inside, the differences continue. The inside fruit of the blueberry is often white-ish in color, while huckleberries keep their jewel tones with a blue interior.


But the differences are much more than skin-deep. Tom describes huckleberries as “blueberries on steroids” with much more sweetness and tang than your average blueberry (YUM!). 


We perused Northwest Wild Foods to get the scoop on the incredible health benefits of huckleberries — and for good reason! Huckleberries are fantastic for heart health, eye health, and vascular health, as well as being high in Vitamins C, A and B, iron, and potassium. The benefits just keep coming! 


Delicious AND nutritious? What a win! And to make them taste that much sweeter, you can only get them in one place on earth…


Huckleberry Heaven


The magic all happens in the North Cascades, at elevations between 2,000 and 6,000 feet. “I’ve never seen or heard of [edible] huckleberries from anywhere else but here,” Tom told us. The huckleberry’s peak season occurs from around mid-August to mid-September — and that’s it! 


This explains why they’re such a hot commodity. 


You’ll never hear of a huckleberry farm, either! “The University of Idaho tried to farm huckleberries for twenty years without success,” Tom explained. “Huckleberries are all wild, foraged in the mountains and grown by Mother Nature!” 


No wonder they taste absolutely magical. 

Pancakes, Cheesecake, and Salmon – Oh My!


We were curious: what’s the best way to use the huckleberry in cooking? 


“We began selling wild blackberries and wild huckleberries to restaurants, as they make a superior dessert,” Tom shared with us. “We then realized the health benefits of the berries later on, and it’s a win-win! Huckleberries go into anything a blueberry could, and will always make it better. Some of our favorites are huckleberry lemonade, huckleberry pancakes, huckleberries mixed into lemon yogurt, and in a huckleberry crisp.” We’re sure you can agree that wow, these sound incredible!


We also found a delicious-sounding recipe for Grilled Salmon with Huckleberry Relish, if you have more of a savory palate. And here’s the good news: even if you’re not able to travel to the North Cascades at an elevation of 2,000-6,000 feet during late August, you can still access incredible wild huckleberries from our friends at Northwest Wild Foods. They sell a variety of berries, both fresh and frozen — and they’re always picked wild and sustainably preserved. 


However, if you’re not quite up to another cooking endeavor, we have a solution! You can get the taste of wild-grown, ethically-sourced huckleberries in our Huckleberry Cheesecake, made (as always!) with natural, whole ingredients. It’s the perfect way to get a quick taste of summer as we wait for spring to arrive – and we offer a sugar-free version, too. You can enjoy a fantastic cheesecake, no matter your lifestyle! 




Huckleberries just might become our new favorite berry — and for good reason! They offer a wide variety of health benefits, and are the perfect addition to all kinds of recipes, both sweet and savory. Get a taste of huckleberry goodness, and grab a cheesecake to share (or enjoy alone — we’ll never tell).

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A Pumpkin Paradise

The Best of Two Delicious Worlds

As Thanksgiving gets closer and closer this year, so does the desire for comfort food that brings us back to holidays spent with family and friends. 

We’re excited to introduce one of our favorite holiday flavors that combines two classic desserts – New York Cheesecake and Pumpkin Pie. Meet the Paradise Pumpkin Pie, a family favorite of one of our co-owners Julie! 

Classic Thanksgiving, with a twist!

The magic began over a regular night and a regular dinner… 

Julie and Matt, two of our co-owners, were hard at work brainstorming a new seasonal flavor that would bring both nostalgia… and something just a little different!

I immediately thought back to my Aunt Marty’s Paradise Pumpkin Pie and suggested that we might want to offer it as an interesting flavor profile for the season,” Julie explains. 

For Julie, holidays mean food and family – and Aunt Marty’s pie was the highlight!

“When I think back to those special family get-togethers when I was a child, I alway remember the food! We have a large family and everyone would bring something no matter which house was hosting. Of course, my first thought was always, ‘Is Aunt Marty bringing her Paradise Pumpkin Pie?’

This combination of delight and comfort made Paradise Pumpkin Pie the perfect candidate to test out for our customers – and it’s become a hit!


The Process

When you’re a home baker, you can take as long as you like to trial-and-error the perfect recipe. However, when you are making thousands, 

the process cnnot take quite so long. Once again, our Research and Development team came to the rescue, spending months to create the absolute perfect proportion of flavor and texture! 

Now, Julie explains, “It sits on a graham crust instead of in a pie shell and when you cut into it, the dessert layers look beautiful. The taste is just as I remember it.”

Sounds like a win to us!


Comfort Food – Extra Comfort, Please

This year, we need a little comfort and normalcy – and luckily, this dessert accomplishes exactly that! 

We want our customers to experience the best of two quintessentially American desserts: The New York style cheesecake and the Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. 

“I hope that they enjoy, just as I did when I was a child, the loving atmosphere of friends and family… And with the anticipation of the best sweet treat coming to close the meal!”

Cheers to that, Julie – and what a sweet treat it is! The layers of pumpkin pie and New York-style cheesecake complement each other perfectly – and the pecan streusel topper creates the most satisfying crunch and cinnamon-y flavor. It’s truly a win!

You know the saying… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! We like to switch it up a little and say, “If two things ain’t broke, put them together and make them even better” – and voila! This Paradise Pumpkin Cheesecake perfectly fits the bill of a dessert full of nostalgia, cheer, and holiday spirit, no matter what your holiday plans may be. 

You can find us at a wide variety of local and national grocery stores – see the full list here!



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Raspberry Bliss The Perfect Ingredient

Ready for a taste of our behind-the-scenes operations? 

If you’re a Whatcom County local, you probably already know that our area is the largest producer of raspberries in the world (over 95%!). And even if you’re not, you’re sure to have experienced some of the amazing local bounty our region has produced. 

We’re so lucky to be able to partner with local raspberry producer Cut Maberry Farm to produce our fan favorite White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake, as well as our fresh and tropical Mango Raspberry Cheesecake! We’re excited to introduce you to this great company and spread the word about one of our all-time favorite flavors. 

Behind the Berry

We all know and love raspberries as a quick, sweet snack – and they’ve been popular throughout history.

There’s evidence they’ve been a favorite since around 30 B.C. – yes, you read that right. Over 2,000 years of popularity! There’s very early records of cultivation in the 4th century, and we can most likely thank the Romans for spreading them as crops throughout Europe. 

In the Middle Ages, raspberries were most often used for medicinal purposes and as a paint or dye… but by the 17th century, British gardens were full of raspberry bushes – prized both for their beautiful fruit, but also cultivated to enjoy as a treat.

As we know, raspberries were brought to America and exploded in popularity – the rest is (family) history!

Meet the Maberrys

Introducing the Maberry family – four generations and counting! It all starts with Leonard & Blanche Maberry,  who joined their son W.E. Maberry and his wife Kathleen on their little family farm in 1944. A few years later, in 1946, the family celebrated their first harvest of 21 acres of strawberries – and the birth of W.E. and Kathleen’s son Curt. 

When Leonard retired from farming in 1959, W.E. and Curt added raspberries – and we’re so glad they did!

Curt Maberry purchased the farm in 1973, and under his guidance the farm grew to nearly 1,000 acres of raspberries, strawberries and blueberries – and added its own onsite processing facilities. Now, we’re on to the current (and 4th) generation of Maberrys; Matt, Angie, and Mandi, who provide us with the best possible berries, year after year.

Sweet + Healthy

What’s not to love?! Besides being delicious (and an incredible cheesecake ingredient), raspberries offer tons of antioxidants, vitamins A, E, C, and B, and minerals like magnesium and calcium to keep you healthy and feeling your best. 

There’s even evidence that the antioxidants contained in raspberries can prevent platelet buildup (a serious factor in cardiovascular disease), potentially reduce cancer cells, and prevent inflammation (a risk factor for type 2 diabetes). 

Raspberries are an awesome snack that serves as the perfect replacement for sugary treats like candy and soda – while still satisfying that sweet tooth!

Real. Good. Raspberries


We already knew we were biased, but it turns out that raspberries are pretty much the perfect food.

They’re good for you in a variety of ways that support long-term health, as well as being delish and an easy way to support local farmers. 

There’s so many ways to eat raspberries – and if you’re looking for ideas, might we suggest a White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake? Try one today – we know you’ll love it!

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Kosher For Every Diet

Real.Good. Kosher.

Did you notice? Chuckanut Bay Foods is proud to display our Kosher Certification on each product we sell! It is our top priority that not only the ingredients but also the process of our food production uphold the cleanliness and purity of high-quality kosher. 


 A Little Kosher History

The term “kosher” refers to the extensive biblical dietary laws given to Jews gathered at Mt. Sinai over 3,000 years ago. These laws outline specific commandments regarding the ingredients and methods of all food preparation. The underlying message is this — what you put into your body, becomes part of you. 

Therefore, cleanliness and purity are of extreme importance – but kosher isn’t just about physical wellness. This way of life is held in reverence by Jewish communities around the world and is considered a mitzvah – a “holy precept”. Kosher food laws are used to not only enrich the physical diet but also to nourish and fuel the soul. 

From our ingredients to the equipment we use, we ensure that all elements of production remain kosher from start to finish, guaranteeing the outer and inner purity upheld for generations. 

The Certification Process

Obtaining kosher status requires a multi-step process, beginning first with our application and consultation with a Rabbinic coordinator to ensure that our entire process is kosher. This includes an audit of our entire system of operations, including inspection of our production lines, receiving and storing methods, and even our cleaning procedures and record logs. Of course, this also includes a review of all of our ingredients and product formulas! All this is necessary to create and maintain a kosher setup that adheres to the highest kosher standards. 

Our staff is fully trained in maintaining our kosher methods as thoroughly as possible at all levels. To ensure this, we receive regular mid-year visits through our Kosher field representative, guaranteeing that our products and system continue to reflect our values of purity and cleanliness.


Kosher Options to Suit Every Preference

Since our full line of cheesecakes and desserts are all certified kosher, there is a flavor to suit every palate and diet preference – no need to sacrifice one restriction for another!

Our original treats such as the New York cheesecake and our delicious Huckleberry are of course kosher, but it doesn’t stop there.

If you prefer No Sugar Added (now sweetened with monk fruit!), you can enjoy our No Sugar Added Chocolate Truffle, New York, or 

Strawberry cheesecakes – all of which maintain our high kosher standards while adding a few additional health perks. 

And, as you may have guessed, our gluten-free cheesecakes are certified kosher as well to ensure that our customers with Celiac or gluten intolerance are able to partake without sacrificing their health (Hey there, Gluten-Free Tuxedo!). 


No-Compromise Kosher — Guaranteed.

We are proud to offer treats that are not only sweet and satisfying but also reflect that we, as a company, refuse to compromise our values. We use only real, high-quality kosher ingredients to create mouthwatering desserts that are safe and pure for the whole family, regardless of dietary needs or preferences. 


Explore our website, find your favorite flavor, and enjoy a decadent treat made with REAL ingredients by REAL people.

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